Changing Accountants

Changing accountants is a simple process. You can ask us to write to the outgoing accountant seeking standard professional clearance or alternatively you can advise your previous accountant by telephone or letter that you are changing to us. The outgoing accountant is obliged to pass on the information that we require provided professional clearance is given. All it takes is one letter from us.

The following are some reasons why clients have moved to us:

  • Deadlines not met.
  • Poor value and no added value to services.
  • Phone calls not returned.
  • Inadequate tax planning.
  • Mistakes and poor advice.
  • Unexpected CRO and tax liabilities with related penalties and interest charges.
  • Difficulty in meeting with the assigned partner.
  • Lack of technical knowledge.
  • Accounts and book-keeping not completed on a timely basis.
  • Lack of personal rapport.
  • Limited or only once a year contact with partner.